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The 13th Year of the Republic of China
Che Kiang Provincial Coin

I post below is an email from Mr. S. K. of Fort Worth, Texas, USA on 2000 Jan 26. The email is self-explanatory

I have a small silver coin 18mm. With two crossed flags and Chinese characters above and below them. On the other side in English it reads "Che-Kiang Province - Ten Cents". I can't seem to find out anything about it. You're site has been very helpful in identifying my other Chinese coins but this one isn't listed. Can you help me identify it? I can send a photo of the coin if you need it.

Yes, Mr. S.K.'s silver coin is a 10-Cents Che Kiang Republican Silver Circular coin (dated 1924).

Marks of Rareness of the Collected Currencies
Extremely Rare A ~ Very Rare B ~ Rare C ~ Not So Many D ~ Common E

No. 323
18.5 mm
Wt. 2.7 g.
Fineness 70%
Mint Evolution & PeculiarityRareness E
This coin was minted in Hangchow Mint of Chekiang Province in 1924 or the 13th years of the Republic of China. It has two scales of value: twenty cents and ten cents. The twenty cents coin is much rare than the ten cents coin.

Within a circle in the centre a dot. Four Chinese characters (10 Cents Silber coin). Above "CHE-KIANG PROVINCE" followed by small stars, below "TEN CENTS".
Two crossed republican flags within a circle in centre. The upper outer circle, date in Chinese (13th year of the Chinese Republic) followed by small stars. Below, Chiness (Made in Che Kiang Province).

Hangchow Mint was founded in 1899 or the 25th year of the reign of Qing Kuang Hsu, by 浙江巡撫廖壽豐 Inspector Liu Sou Fung of Chekiang Province. The mint was known at first as Chekiang Silver coin bureau. In 1921 it was renamed Chekiang Mint Branch under Ministry of Finance.


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