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Fung Tien Province Mint

Only very few Chinese know where is Fung Tien Province 奉天省. It is becasuse Fung Tien Province 奉天省 is the old name for now Liaoning Province 遼寧省 [One of the former Three Eastern Provinces in the northeastern China. It was known as Manchuria, or Manchukuo (puppet state) as the Japanese occupation.] In 1635, Emperor T'ai Tsung of Qing Dynasty moved his capital from Liaoyuan 遼陽 to Shenyang 瀋陽 and renamed Shenyang 瀋陽 as Shengching 盛京. In 1644, Emperor Shun Chih changed the capital from Shengching 盛京 to Yenking 燕京 (now Peking) and established the Fung Tien Fu 奉天府. [ Fu is the general administrative body of the provincial civil service in ancient China.] At the end of the Kuang Hsu period, Shengching renamed as Fung Tien Province 奉天省. At last, Fung Tien Province was renamed as Liaoning Province 遼寧省 in the 18th year of the Republic. [1929AD]
The Fungtien Machinery Bureau (Mukden Mint) firstly started to mint silver coins in 1897 [Only pattern coin struck in aluminium was found, up to now], but it suspended in the 26th year of the Kuanghsu reign (1900AD), because Shenyang was captured by Russian troops. The mint was destoried during the war. The mint reopened and renamed as Fungtien Silver General Mint in 1902, and minted coin in 1903, but soon it ceased again in 1905. Later, the mint merged with Kirin Mint to form the Manchurian Provinces Mint in 1907. I think it is why we seldom find Fungtien coin.

Marks of Rareness of the Collected Currencies
Extremely Rare A ~ Very Rare B ~ Rare C ~ Not So Many D ~ Common E

No. 203
24 mm
Wt. 5.1 g.
Mint Evolution & PeculiarityRareness D
This silver coin was struck by Fung Tien Mint in 1904. On the obverse, four Chinese characters (Kuang Hsu Valuable Coin) and two small Manchu characters in the centre, reading from left to right Fung Pao [Fung Tien Mint] inside beaded circle; in the outer circle, Chinese [made in Fung Tien Mint] above, [1 mace and 4.4 candareens] below; the sexagenary year written in Chinese [Chia Chen] right and left. On the reverse, with the usual dragon design in the centre and 2 rosettes at the both sides. At top, English FUNG-TIEN PROVINCE and below, 1 MACE AND 4.4 CANDAREENS. This coin is in an extreme find condition.


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