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Counterfeit Silver Coin

Part A

During my collecting in the passing 20 years, I have collected many fake coins. [I don't mean the contemporary counterfeits.] Most of them were collected long time ago, but some of them are collected within the recent ten years. It is nothing to be ashamed of; even the advanced collectors have made this mistake as to purchase some false coins. It seems my own affairs, but it may be your business later. I would like to discuss with you some of the amazing lore surrounding the Chinese coinage forgeries.
If you have never collected the fake coin, you are really lucky. On the other hand, if you want to share your knowledge and your enthusism in the coin collecting, you are welcome to express them in this page. I would like to learn something from you. I really don't like being deceived, though I recently reduced much in my coin collection.

It is easy for some of the beginners to buy the fake coins as lead to unpleasant result.
Recently, I have left Hong Kong for 2 days, when I came back, I have received an email which is self-explained as below:

Date: Sat, 19 Dec 1998 23:45:09 +0800
MIME-Version: 1.0
Subject: Coin # 19

Two dragons facing eaching other in vertical position . Both upper limbs of dragons holding on to ? Ball . Lower limb just touching each other at the tip.
English words. : 7 mace 2candareens. YUN-NAN province
Reverse : Four Chinese words in the center at 12,3,6,9, position.
These four words surrounding ? 4 little inscriptions. 4 Chinese words on top and 6 words at the bottom.
Kindly do the needful
Thank you.

Marks of Rareness of the Collected Currencies
Extremely Rare A Very Rare B Rare C Not So Many D Common E

No. 198
Wt. unknown
Rareness Unknown
No. 201
38 mm
Wt. 26.6 g
Rareness D
Mint Evolution & Peculiarity
When I read the above email, I am alert that the collector has never seen the Yunnan silver coin before. He has been seduced by his own wisdom into buying a copy of the fake coin. Because, I have never seen that 2 dragons facing each other appeared on an Yunnan coin. Dragon normally is represent Emperor in ancient China, how can 2 Emperors appeared on the surface of an official minted coin. Moreover, the 2 dragons looked like 2 worms, this denoted the engraver is lacking in the knowledge of Chinese coinage.
I search my own references and luckily find out an image of the fake coin, [I guess this fake was minted in Southeast Asia. I have received images of the same fake coin from both Malaysia and Philippines.] it is just the same as the description of the email. So I post the image on this page in order to let other collectors avoid to make the same mistake.
The design pattern and the surface colour of this coin are completely different with the genuine silver coins. Unfortunately, the collector has never seen the genuine coin before. I have posted a genuine Yunnan silver coin image on this page to let you comparing the difference of the 2 coins.

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