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Mintage of Yung Zheng T'ung Pao

from 1723AD to 1734AD by Hu-pu Pao Ch'uan Chu

The issue of Yung Zheng T'ung Pao was limited, not so many of them are extant today. The table below showing the mintage of coins by the Hu-pu Pao Ch'uan Chu [ Board of Revenue ] in Peking from the first year of the Yung Zheng reign (1723) to the twelfth year of the Yung Zheng reign (1734).

Hu-pu Pao Ch'uan Chu first established in 1644 casting coins until the beginning of the Hsuan T'ung reign (1909) lasting more than 255 years. Pao Yuan Chu was the central Mint Masters in the Qing Dynasty. According to the Imperial Decree of the nineth year (1652) of the Shun Zhi reign, every provinial mint must report to the Pao Ch'uan Chu each year except Kung-pu Pao Yuan Chu [ Board of Works ]. Both of them are normally called Ching-Chu [ Mint Masters in Peking ].

( wen/ch'uan )
1723AD 499,200
1724AD 409,200
1725AD 675,160
1726AD 675,160
1727AD 723,528,000
1728AD 746,304,000
1729AD 748,480,000
1730AD 757,865,000
1731AD 1,048,759,660
1732AD 910,171,120
1733AD 684,362,000
1734AD 685,390,000

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