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Chinese Silver Dragon Dollar

34th Year of Kuang Hsu Reign - PEI YANG

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There are three Chinese Dragon coin listing below. The first one and the second one coins were first made in 34th year of Kuang Hsu reign (1908). The third one was made in 29th year of Kuang Hsu reign (1903) of Qing Dynasty. It is believed that some of the 34th Year Pei Yang silver dollars were retruck during Republican times. It is easy to understand that there are many varieties of the 34th year Pei Yang silver dollar existing.

Below is infomation from p336, Standard catalog of world coins, 18th edition)
Chihli is a province located in northeastern China which contains the eastern end of the Great wall. An important producer of coal and some iron ore. In 1928 the provincial name was changed form Chihli to Hopei. The Paoting Mint was established in 1734 and only produced cast cash coins. A mint for struck cash was established in 1888 and the mint for the Peiyang silver coinage was added in 1896. This was destroyed during the Boxer Rebellion. A replacement mint was built in 1902 for the provincial coinage and merged with the Tientsin Central Mint in 1910.

I post below is an email received from MR. M.T. of Singapore on Mon, 29 Dec 2008. The email is self-explanatory.

Bei Yang 34 year silver coin

Hi Y K Leung,

I bought a bei yang 34 year from my local dealer few weeks ago, today after carefully examine the coin and with the help of photos on the internet, I found out that the dragon on my bei yang do not look like the rest of bei yang 34th but it look more like dragon on bei yang 29th. ( the forehead and the teeth below the nose) I am sure that this coin is made of silver and the size is 39mm, the weight is 26.4g. Please let me know how you feel of this coin?

Thank You so much for your time.


I have viewed the close up images of the dragon heads,
They are simular except the different colours and the tongue of the middle one
is much smaller than the other two coins.
Just as what Mr. Tung said

Please let me know how you feel of this coin?(The middle one)

By courtesy of Mr.M.T.

Close up of the Dragon Heads

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