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Tibetan Coinage Book

Tibetan Fake Coins
and Fantasy Countermarks

(An Illustrated Introduction to their Identification)

by Wolfgang Bertsch

This book was published in 2003. It is a book on forgeries of Tibetan coins and forged countermarks found on Sichuan Rupees and Tibetan coins with many photographs illustrating forged coins along with their closest genuine counterpart and forged and genuine countermarks.

This book is the only book as I know talking about the forgery of Tibetan coinage. Recently, I am very lucky as to get a copy. This book was printed in black and white only, but all the photographs are very clear. This book contains 45 pages (including 30 pages of photographs), 29cm x 21cm, with soft binding.

As this book is a private publiching by the author himself, so that only very few copies were published. This book is very helpful for dealers and collectors of Tibetan coinage.

Moreover, I want to point out that Mr. Wolfgang Bertsch is a very famous scholar of Tibetan Studies in Germany. He has been doing research on Tibetan coins and paper money since 1974 and has published several articles on this subject in different journals. His latest publication including 'A Study of Tibetan Paper Money with a Critical Bibliography' in 1997 and 'The Currency of Tibet' in 2002 .

More coin pictures from the book

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