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Ch'ien Lung T'ung Pao

This Ch'ing cash was found by Mr.Tom Whaley of USA with his metal detector and he has tried to research it on the Internet. He is so kind as to send me the the results of his ideas on the coin along with the picture's. Thanks indeed! ykl

"Qing Dynasty"
(Emperor Kao Tsung Current Coin)

Comment by Mr.Tom Whaley of USA

The "Cash coin" was cast from AD1736 to 1795
The Obverse side reads from T,B,R,L. Top, bottom, right, left.
Diameter: 25.5mm

Ch'ien Lung was the Emperor that originated the statement "I won't Kotow to anyone"
He would not recognize Lord Macartney of the British embassy in 1793 because they would not "knock head against ground" (Kotow).
The Reverse side contains the mint mark:
The "Boo" on the left translates to Board of Revenue mint
The "Ciowan" on the right side translates to "The Fountain head of the Currency".

I knew from my research that the coin was plentiful, but was very interested in the historic background. I hope my interpretation was correct. This is the oldest coin I have ever found.
The coin was found at an old cabin site 5 miles north of Howard, Colorado in the Arkansas river basin. It was about 4 1/2" down to the right of the fireplace. The location was north of the D&RGW rail line that was built in the mid 1800s. Maybe the person who lost the coin worked on that rail line.

Mr.Tom Whaley

This is another Ch'ien Lung T'ung Pao cash which was received by me from Ms DJ just before Christmas.
She found it in her family box.

Hello ykl,

Here are a few pictures of the coins I have recently found in a family box. I know from the internet that the Ch`ing Dynasty coins were the most produced but is this mint rare???? Both have the Ch`ien Lung T`ung Pao marking on the obverse but one of the coins has nothing on the reverse and the other has the markings you seen in the pictures (Ciowan, Boo) Peking. They have been in a jewelry box for many years, I believe they were my grandfathers. I found them along with some German coins. At this point I am a bit confused on whether they are brass, bronze or copper. Either way, I think they are beautifulK

Thanks for your insight,


I received these 3 Ch'ien Lung T'ung Pao cash from Ms Cristina of Italy three days before.


I was searching for any information about the coins on the attacched files: era, Emperor, value, rarity........
Could you please help me?

Cristina (from Italy)

These three copper cash are all Ch'ien Lung Tung Pao. There are four Chinese characters (Ch'ien Lung T'ung Pao) on the obverse. For the first two coins on the reverse, there are two Manchu characters meaning (Sian Mint of Shensi Province) on either side of the hole. The third cash was cast in Canton Mint of Kwangtung Province. They are all common Qing copper cash.

Ch'ien Lung cash coins were first cast in 1735, but Ch'ien Lung T'ung Pao went on to cast in many provinces after Ch'ien Lung Emperor passed away in 1799. Many of the Ch'ien Lung cash coins are extant today.


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