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A Brief Chronology of Dynasties
in Chinese History

I placed not only the main dynasties in Chinese history in this chronology but also some short period states and peasant insurrectionary armies which were related to minting their own currencies in the past.
Dynasties Date
Xia Dynasty circa 2100~1700 BC
Shang Dynasty circa 1600~1100 BC
Zhou Dynastyx 西周 Western Zhou Dynasty circa 1100~771 BC
東周 Eastern Zhou Dynasty 770~222 BC
春秋 Spring and Autumn Period 770~476 BC
戰國 Warring States 475~222 BC
Qin Dynasty 221~207 BC

Han Dynasty
西漢 Western Han 206 BC~8 AD
Xin [Wang Mang] 9~23 AD
東漢 Eastern Han 25 ~220 AD
Three Kingdoms
Wei 220~265 AD
蜀漢 Shu Han 221~263 AD
Wu 222~280 AD
Western Jin
Five Tartars
Ti (296~371 AD) 265~316 AD
鮮卑 Xianbei (315~376 AD)
匈奴 Hun (318~329 AD)
Jie (319~350 AD)
Qiang (384~403 AD)
The 16 states
成(成漢) henghan (304~347 AD)
漢(前趙) Qian Zhao (304~329 AD)
前涼 Qian Liang (314~376 AD)
Eastern Jin
後趙(魏) Hou Zhao (319~351 AD) 317~420 AD
前秦 Qian Qin (351~394 AD)
前燕 Qian Yan (384~370 AD)
後燕 Hou Yan (384~397AD)
後秦 Hou Qin (384~417 AD)
西秦 Xi Qin (385~431 AD)
後梁 Hou Liang (386~403 AD)
南涼(鮮卑) Nan Liang (397~414 AD)
北涼(匈奴) Bei Liang (397~439 AD)
南燕(鮮卑) Nan Yan (398~410 AD)
西涼(漢) Xi Liang (400~421 AD)
北燕(漢) Bei Yan (409~436 AD)
Xia (407~431 AD)
Northern &
Sung 420~479 AD
Qi 479~502 AD
Liang 502~557 AD
Chen 557~589 AD
北魏 Northern Wei 386~534 AD
東魏 Eastern Wei 534~550 AD
北齊 Northern Qi 550~577 AD
西魏 Western Wei 535~556 AD
北周 Northern Zhou 557~581 AD
Sui Dynasty 581~618 AD

Tang Dynasty
渤海國 Peh Hoi Kuo (698~926 AD) 618~907 AD
武周 Wu Zhou [Wu Tse Tien] (690~705 AD)
大燕 Tai Yan [An Lu Shan/Shih Szu Ming] (756~763 AD)
Five Dynasties
Ten Kingdoms
Five Dynasties
後涼 Later Liang 907~923 AD
後唐 Later Tang 923~936 AD
後晉 Later Jin 936~946 AD
後漢 Later Han 947~950 AD
後周 Later Zhou 951~960 AD
Ten Kingdoms
Wu 902~937 AD
前蜀 Qian Shu 903~925 AD
吳越 Wuyue 907~978 AD
Chu 907~951 AD
Min 907~945 AD
南漢 Nan Han 917~971 AD
荊南 Jing Nan 924~963 AD
後蜀 Hou Shu 933~965 AD
南唐 Nan Tang 937~975 AD
北漢 Bei Han 951~979 AD

Sung Dynasty
大理 Ta Li 937~1254 AD
北宋 Northern Sung Dynasty 960~1127 AD
南宋 Southern Sung Dynasty 1127~1279 AD
Liao Dynasty 907~1125 AD
Western Xia 1032~1227 AD
Jin Dynasty 1115~1234 AD

Yuan Dynasty
Peasant Insurrectionary Armies / Short Period States 1271~1368AD
天完 Tien Yuan [Hsu Shou Hui] (1351~1360 AD)
大宋 Ta Sung [Han Lin Erh] (1351~1366AD)
大周 Ta Zhou [Chang Shih Ch'eng] (1353~1367 AD)
大漢 Ta Han [Chen Yu Liang] (1360~1363 AD)

Ming Dynasty
大順 Ta Shun [Li Tzu Cheng] (1644~1645 AD) 1368~1644 AD
大西 Ta Xi [Chang Hsien Chung] (1644~1646 AD)

Qing Dynasty
南明 Southern Ming (1645~1661 AD) 1644~1911 AD
興朝 Hsing Chao [Sun K'e Wang] (1647~1651 AD)
大周 Ta Ch'ou [Wu San Kuei] (1673~1681 AD)
Min [Keng Ching Chung] (1674~1676 AD)
太平天國 Taiping Heavenly Kingdom (1851~1864 AD)
天地會 Tien Ti Hui (1853~1855 AD)
中華民國 Republic of China 1912~1949 AD
Taiwan Province 1949

中華人民共和國 People's Republic of China

1949 AD~


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