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Dubious or False Coins II

During my collecting in the passing 16 years, I have collected many dubious or false coins. Most of them were collected long time ago, but some of them are collected within the recent years. I really don't like being deceived. I think it is nothing to be ashamed of making such kind of mistake, sometimes even the advanced collectors would be deceived.

It seems my own affairs, but it may be your business later. I would like to discuss with you some of the amazing lore surrounding the Chinese coinage forgeries. If you have never collected fake coins, you are really lucky. On the other hand, if you want to share your knowledge and your enthusiasm in the coin collecting, you are welcome to express them in this page. I would like to learn something from you.

Silver Cent of the year of Chiatse (1924)
of The Republic of China

This counterfeit coin was unluckily purchased by Mr. J T B of Switzerland . He wrote to me an email on 19th Sept., 2005. The email is self-explanatory.

I collected your address from the internet.
Could you please have a look at the attached chinese coin and tell me,
whether it is an original or a fake?
I have screened the KM catalog but have not seen it there.
Thank you


By courtesy of Mr. J T B of Switzerland

I think this coin is not made of silver by just judging the colour of it. This coin was remint by other metal.

On the obverse of this coin denote that this coin is a silver 20 cent coin of the year of Chiatze (1924) of The Republic of China, made by the Fookien (or Fujian) silver coin mint, weighing 0.144 tael on the treasury scale.

The pattern design of the reverse of this coin is got from another Fookien silver cent minted in 1911. In the center are the Chinese character "Min" (meaning Fookien province) and the design of 18 stars (meaning that 18 provinces in the country have risen in response to the democratic revolution). It is circumscribed with the name of place and value in English, separated by two asterisks.

Below are what the original coins should be

By courtesy of Mr. Şü½÷007

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