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Dubious or False Coins V

During my collecting in the passing 16 years, I have collected many dubious or false coins. Most of them were collected long time ago, but some of them are collected within the recent years. I really don't like being deceived. I think it is nothing to be ashamed of making such kind of mistake, sometimes even the advanced collectors would be deceived.

It seems my own affairs, but it may be your business later. I would like to discuss with you some of the amazing lore surrounding the Chinese coinage forgeries. If you have never collected fake coins, you are really lucky. On the other hand, if you want to share your knowledge and your enthusiasm in the coin collecting, you are welcome to express them in this page. I would like to learn something from you.

The Counterfeit of the Soviet Government Coins

Recently more counterfeit China silver dollars were found in the collecting circle. Many collectors complained that they had purchase the fake coins via online auctions. I find that at the first glance of the fakes, they resemble the genuine, but if you judge them carefully, you can easily reveal that they are counterfeit. It is because most of these fakes are reminted with the poor workmanship.

These counterfeit coins were unluckily purchased by Mr.P.R.. He wrote to me an email on 14th May., 2006. The email is self-explanatory.

Subject: Chinese Soviet Coins

Dear Mr. Leung:

I hope that everything is ok with you. We exchanged some emails some month ago regarding some coins taht I have (that afterall were fake) and that you posted in your site as example to others. I am contacting you again since I purchased some more Chinese coins and since I don't find it in your site I wonder if they are reproductions or if in reality they are authentic. The first 2 coins are supposely 2 coins from de Chinese soviets, but the big one has an reverse that it seems from the Yuan Shi Kai dollar. Can it be a restrike of a Yuan Shi Kai dollar in a Chinese Soviet dollar?

The other coin is a Yuan Shi Kai dollar ( at least is what it seems) but is a variation that you don't have in your site. Is quite dirty, but I don't know how to clean it without damaging it.

What can you tell me about these coins?
Being authentic or fake, you can post it in your website as examples, since I want that others also learn the valuable information that you post in your site.

If you need any more photos, please let me know.



The Counterfeit Silver Dollar of the Soviet Government 1931

Although the appearance of the below replica is better than the genuine. This is definately a good-looking replica but I know perfectly that it is not the genuine.The original is an extremely rare coin.
I would like to take this opportunity to say thanks to Mr.P.R., he is so kind as to let me use his images. Thanks indeed! ykleungn

By courtesy of Mr. P.R.

Below is the information from the book An Overview of China's Gold & Silver Coins of Past Ages - the Gold and Silver Coins and medals of Modern China by Mr. Dong Wenchao, page 675.

In July, 1928, an uprising broke out in Pingjiang of Hunan Province and the Pingjiang Worker-Peasant Revolutionary Government was established, which was later changed into the Pingjiang County Soviet Government. In order to deveoop the economy and ensure supply, the governemen issued the coin in 1931.

In the center of the obverse side is a five-pointed star with the design of hammer and sickle inside it, circumscribed with the characters meaning "the Pingjiang County Soviet Government, and the year of issue "1931" which are separated by asterisks.

The reverse side bears the value "One Yuan" and the crossed design symboizin good harvest.It is the same design as the Yuan Shikai coins.

The Counterfeit Silver Cent of the Soviet Government 1934

By courtesy of Mr. P.R.

Below is the information about the Soviet silver 20 cent coins from the book An Overview of China's Gold & Silver Coins of Past Ages - the Gold and Silver Coins and medals of Modern China by Mr. Dong Wenchao, page 679.

The coin was produced by the Central Mint at Yangxi in Ruijin County, Jiangxi Province and issued by the State Bank of the Chinese Soviet Republic in 1932-1933, circulating in the Central Revolutionary Base area.

The obverse side of the above Soviet cent coin bears the value of the coin "two jiao" in the center, circumscribed with the characters denoting "the Chinese Soviet Republic" and the year of issue "1933", which are separated by five-pointed star. The fake denotes issued in 1934.

The reverse side features the designs of five-pointed star, sickle, hammer, globe and double good harvest design and the characters meaning "every five pieces for one yuan", There are many editions as there are differences in the characters, designs and edges.

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