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Dubious or False Coins VII

During my collecting in the passing 18 years, I have collected many dubious or false coins. Most of them were collected long time ago, but some of them are collected within the recent years. I really don't like being deceived. I think it is nothing to be ashamed of making such kind of mistake, sometimes even the advanced collectors would be deceived.

It seems my own affairs, but it may be your business later. I would like to discuss with you some of the amazing lore surrounding the Chinese coinage forgeries. If you have never collected fake coins, you are really lucky. On the other hand, if you want to share your knowledge and your enthusiasm in the coin collecting, you are welcome to express them in this page. I would like to learn something from you.

The Counterfeit of the Yuan Shih Kai Dollar

Recently more counterfeit China silver dollars were found in the collecting circle. Many collectors complained that they had purchase the fake coins via online auctions. I find that at the first glance of the fakes, they resemble the genuine, but if you judge them carefully, you can easily reveal that they are counterfeit. It is because most of these fakes are reminted with the poor workmanship.

This counterfeit coin was unluckily purchased by Ms.M.M.. She wrote to me two emails in November. The emails are self-explanatory.

寄件人: M.M. 主題: Unknown Yuan Shih-Kai Dollar 收件人: Y K Leung 日期: 2008 11 11 星期二 上午 11:18

Dear Y K Leung,

First of all, thank you for posting such a thorough and informative website. When I was young, I collected a few Chinese coins. Now that I am retired, I have started to renew my interest in these amazing coins. Your website has helped revitalize that interest, but I am just a beginner. Your website provides a great wealth of information for my research. Thank you.

I have noticed that you occasionally answer questions about unusual or unknown coins. I have also noticed that some of those coins turn out to be counterfeit. I hope that is not the case here.

Recently I purchased a Yuan Shih-Kai Dollar over the internet. I was attracted to it because it seemed unusual. But after looking through your website and other coin websites, I have not been able to identify this coin. It is unusual because of the two rosettes, one on either side of the script, on the obverse of the coin. I have not seen pictures of others like this.

Can you help me identify this coin? I have attached pictures to this letter.



Dear Y K Leung,

Thank you very much for your honest appraisal of the Yuan Shih Kai dollar with rosettes. I have taken the liberty of forwarding your expert opinion to the seller on Ebay. He was totally unaware that the coin was not genuine. He had bought coins from the same supplier before, and he trusted him to sell genuine coins. He told me that he would certainly refund my money, and that he would immediately remove the other similar coins from Ebay. Please feel free to post my inquiry on your website. And again thank you for giving this matter your consideration.

Best regards,


The Counterfeit Silver Dollars

I judge this coin by its appearances of which showing that this coin is really unusual of the two rosettes on the both sides of the 6 Chinese characters. I think similar designs only appeared on the Chinese silver dragon coins of Qing Dynasty. This coin is a recent fake.
I also notice that there are more ebay dealers selling counterfeits on ebay, some of the counterfeits were extremely well done, they would easily fool the collectors. I think ebay should do something to forbit the fakes keeping on selling on ebay.

I would like to take this opportunity to say thanks to Ms.M.M.. She is so kind as to let me use her images. Thanks indeed! ykl

By courtesy of Ms. M.M.

On the obverse is YUAN's profile. Above; 6 Chinese characters meaning 'The 3rd year of the Republic of China', two large rosettes at the both sides.

On the reverse, are two characters 'ONE DOLLAR' in Chinese within an open wreath of rice ears.

The National Silver Dollar
(Yuan Shih Kai Silver Dollar or Fatman Dollar)

Varieties of the
Yuan Shih Kai Silver Dollar


More about Yuan Shih Kai Silver Dollar

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