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Fukien Machinery 1 Men (Cash)

Fukien is a province located on the southeastern coast of China. Fukien currency played a very important role in the history of Chinese numismatics. From the Qing Dynasty down towards the beginning of the Republic, Fukien historical currency is well known for its variety in development and form. Many valuable specimens were found during the early decades of the twenty century, such as the K'ang Hsi 12-Branches birthday-cash, Chang Chow military silver coins, Hsien Feng big cash with weighing on rim and the Fukien silver dollar etc.
I have chosen 1 Fukien brass coin from my collection and posted here. This is not a rare coin, but this Kuang Hsu coin was struck in 1908, the last year of the Kuang Hsu period, and the following year is the Hsuan T'ung reign (1909). Thus this type of coin would not be so many existed.

Marks of Rareness of the Collected Currencies
Extremely Rare A ~ Very Rare B ~ Rare C ~ Not So Many D ~ Common E

No. 178
16 mm
Wt. 1.1 g.
Mint Evolution & PeculiarityRareness D
This brass circular small coin struck by machinery with a round hole in the centre, four Chinese characters "Kuang Hsu T'ung Pao" (Kuang Hsu Current Coin) on the obverse; two Manchu characters meaning (Fukien Mint) on either side of the hole on the reverse. This coin was first minted at the Fukien Mint in 1908.
[Fukien Silver Coin Bureau, or known as Southern Bureau was merged with Fuchow Machinery Bureau Copper coin Mint and Fukien Copper coin Bureau into Fukien Mint Branch under former Ministry of Revenue in 1905; in 1907 it was changed to Fukien Mint under Ministry of Revenue.]

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