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Qing Dynasty

T'ien Ming1616~1644 A.D.
Shun Chih1644~1662 A.D.
K'ang Hsi 1662~1723 A.D.
Yung Zheng1723~1736 A.D.
Ch'ien Lung1736~1796 A.D.
Chia Ch'ing1796~1821 A.D.
Dao Kuang1821~1851 A.D.
Hsien Feng1851~1861A.D.
Ch'i HsiangJul1861~Sep1861A.D.
Tung Chih1862~1875 A.D.
Kuang Hsu1875~1909 A.D.
Hsuan T'ung1909~1911 A.D.

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