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The Key Dates of Renminbi Coin
Coins Which You hardly know Their Monetary Value
I am sure it is worth much more that you know

The People's Bank of China issued New Renminbi at the rate of $1 to $10000 of Old Renminbi on 1st March 1955. The New Renminbi valued at 1 Fen, 2 Fen, 5 Fen, 1 Jiao, 2 Jiao, 5 Jiao, 1 Yuan, 2 Yuan, 3 Yuan, 5 Yuan and 10 Yuan. The denominations of 1 Fen, 2 Fen and 5 Fen are aluminum coins. Most of these aluminum coins are common coins

For the recent years, thousands of Chinese have joined the coin collecting ranks, creating a very strong demand for all coins (mainly Chinese coins) that drives prices up dramatically. (especially in Mainland China and Hong Kong)
As we know that condition and date mint mark are the core factors of a coin's value. So that the particular coin is more valuable than a common date one in the same condition. Collecting is my hobby not my investment, but I think the collectors of Renminbi still interest to know the Key Dates of these aluminum coins. I post here with the Key Dates of them, though I really don't know their monetary value. I hope this would be a little bit help for those who take this hobby as an investment.

Marks of Rareness of the Collected Currencies
Extremely Rare A ~ Very Rare B ~ Rare C ~ Not So Many D ~ Common E

5 Fen Obverse Reverse of 1 Fen, 2 Fen & 5 Fen
2 Fen Obverse 1 Fen Obverse
Mint Evolution & Peculiarity
All these 3 coins were issued by The People's Bank of China. They are all common aluminum coins.

Key Dates and Marks of 5 Fen : 1955 D, 1979 A, 1980 B, 1981 B .
Key Dates and Marks of 2 Fen : 1980 B.
Key Dates and Marks of 1 Fen : 1955 C, 1957 C, 1958 D, 1981 B,

More about Renminbi

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