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Unknown Japanese Item

The Chinese Neighbors Coinages
I have posted here with an interesting bronze item and also the attached email. I received them from Mr. M. Metzler of USA through the "NUMISM-L@VM.SC.EDU" List on 9 Aug 1999. I know nothing about it. I judge it with the inscriptions on the both sides. The style of the characters completely doesn't like the Chinese one, so I think this is a Japanese item.

For a further identification, I email to Mr. Shuichi Yamashita of Japan, he has kindly enlightened me that "this bronze item" in not a coin. The reason is :

(1) Japanese coins like this item are always "silver", and not "bronze".

(2) Chinese character inscription of this item is a mixture (=a miscellany) from coins of several periods.

Probably, this is a souvenir or a memento which was made after Meiji period (AD 1868-1912).

I appreciate much. Thanks indeed to Mr.Shuichi Yamashita. If you want to share your knowledge and enthusism in this hobby, feel free to drop me a line. Thank you in advance.

Email from Mr. M Metzler

Dear list,

I have posted a picture of a bronze item belonging to a friend of mine at this URL:
She knows nothing about its origins, other than the fact that her father, who traveled extensively, picked it up on one of his travels. He is deceased, so we can not ask him about it. It appears to be copper (more yellowish than my photo), and is about 13 x 22 x 4mm. Sorry I can't give you a weight just now. Anyone recognize this thing? Admittedly it might not be ancient. Any information would be appreciated.


M Metzler

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Do you know anything about this item?

More about Japanese coins by Mr.Shuichi Yamashita


A Japanese Cash of the Keicho period

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