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A Rare Hong Kong One Dollar Banknote

Note No. 366

At the end of the 19th Century, Hong Kong emerged as an important trade centre between China and the West. The Hong Kong & Shanghai Banking Corporation had become one of the largest local banks in Hong Kong. The bank was founded in 1865 by a group of merchants representing the foreign mercantile community in Hong Kong. The closure of the Hong Kong Mint in 1868 caused the shortage of the dollar value. There were also rumours that the Mexican dollars would soon cease minting at that time. The Hong Kong Governor was authorized by a special permission to allow The Hongkong Bank to issue the one-dollar banknotes solely in 1872. [According to the Regulations for Colonial Banking issued by the Colonial Office in London in 1846, 'No promissory of other notes were to be issued for sums under One Pound, sterling, or the equivalent thereof in any other local currency. Regulation No.15'.] The Hongkong Bank was permitted to issue $226,000 worth.

The below $1 banknote was the second series of dollar value notes issued by The Hongkong Bank. This banknote was printed by Barclay & Fry. The design adopted by The Hongkong Bank was the typical banknote design of the 19th Century. The date and Chief Manager's signature [Sir Thomas Jackson] were printed on the note by the printer. The signature of the Chief Accountant was added later by an unknown assistant before issue.

Marks of Rareness of the Collected Currencies
Extremely Rare A ~ Very Rare B ~ Rare C ~ Not So Many D ~ Common E

Issue Evolution & Peculiarity

No.: 366 Size : 89mmx132mm
Issued by : The Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation in 1895
Rareness : A

Obverse and Reverse

By courtesy of Mr. C. Tandhanskul
If any collector is interested in this note, please email to Mr. C. Tandhanskul directly.

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